lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

People always leave, but sometimes they come back

People always leave.

No matter what you do or how close you are some day someone you love will break your heart. They will move to another city or to a new school, or college, or they will just stop talking to you and it will hurt. For some time that was reason enough for me to push people away before they get too close to my heart. But now I understand I was being dumb. If you haven't have your heart broken at least once in your life then I'm sorry for you, because it means you've never loved properly. Because love usually hurts, but it is worth it. And looking behind to all the friends that are now strangers, to that first love who I thought was the love of my life and I haven't heard of in years now, to that uncle who was my favourite and now seems to hate me and I don't even know why, I realise that loving all of them wasn't a lost of time. It was totally worth it. Because they used to make me happy, and they made me feel things I will never forget, and most of all I learned from them. I learned about love and betrayal, about forgiveness and letting go. 
So love deeply, to live fully. You'll get hurt, your heart will break into pieces and you'll think you will never be able to love again, but then someone will come and you will feel a love deeper than the first one. And you'll be afraid of getting hurt again but that's what will make the whole thing thrilling. Giving someone the power to break your heart as many others did before, and still trust them not to do it. That's what love is about. 

So don't hold back, don't push people away or one day when you are eighty you will look back and then you will regret every chance of love you didn't take. 

Because people always leave, but sometimes they come back. And it is those people who are so much a part of us, they'll be with us, no matter what.

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